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The species that characterise the habitats 9210* Apennine beech forests with Taxus and Ilex, and 9220* Apennine beech forests with Abies alba and beech forests with Abies nebrodensis are yew, holly and silver fir and are rare in Apennine beech forests due to management actions that are not specific for this forest types and to grazing, which strongly impacts the regeneration of these species.

Conventional management of Apennine beech forests impacts also other species which belong to those taxonomic groups that are limited by the lack of deadwood and of senescing trees, and by the homogeneous structure of managed forests. Among these taxonomic groups are saproxylic beetles and fungi, vascular plants, lichens and birds.

Main aim

Ensure the long-term conservation of the habitats 9210* and 9220* in the National Parks: Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni and Gran Sasso and Laga Mounts.

Specific objectives

  1. Develop Sustainable Management Strategies for the habitat 9210* and 9220*;
  2. Enhance the levels of biological diversity for vascular plants, lichens, birds, saproxylic beetles and fungi;
  3. Monitoring of the habitats to assess the effects of the conservation actions;
  4. Promote the participation of relevant stakeholders to point out the advantages of sustainable management for the habitats. 

Main actions

A – Preparatory actions: Data collection aimed at the assessment of the current habitat condition in the project area. Sampling of forest structure, composition and diversity for the focus taxa;

C – Concrete conservation actions: Promote the regeneration of yew, holly and silver fir; enhancement of diversity levels for the focus taxa.

D – Monitoring actions: Design of the monitoring plan. Sampling of forest structure, composition and diversity for the focus taxa after the concrete conservation actions.

E – Dissemination Actions: website, promotional material meetings, courses, conferences, notice boards.

F – Project Monitoring Actions.

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