First field surveys for the definition of the monitoring plan

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The weather is still not at his best, yet the first field surveys started for the life FAGUS project.

Setting the GPS in the area of PietracamelaIIn this phase data are being collected on the occurrence and abundance of the species of interest for the project (yew, holly and silver fir) in order to define a monitoring plan as detailed as possible to follow the project achievements.

Personnel of DBA DIBAF and PNGSML getting prepared for the field workIn the last days the SIC Gran Sasso has been the object of joint field surveys by DBA, DIBAF, the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, during which the main stakeholders were involved.

Yews in the area of PietracamelaThe three intervention areas were visited: the area of Pietracamela was found rich in yews with some hollies too, the general structure being an old coppice with scattered senescing beech trees; in the area of Intermesoli, mapped as the habitat 9210, also silver fir was found; also in the area of Incodaro the three species were found but Abies alba was the most abundant only partly due to past planting by the State Forestry Corps (CFS).

The data collected by means of GPS will be at the base of the monitoring plan to is being defined in these days.

Abies alba in the area of Incodaro 2 Personnel of DBA and DIBAF with the president of ASBUC intermesoli An unexpected Abies alba in the area of Intermesoli